GXT Marketing Road Map

Marster Node Marketing Road Map

  • Aug.8

    to go Global GXT

  • Sep.9

    Entry Japan

  • Oct.10

    China & South Asia

  • Nov.11

    Market Eurasia

  • Dec.12

    Singapore global forum
    U.S. & Europe Market entry

  • Jan.1

    South America
    Market entry

  • Feb.2

    Las Vegas
    Global Forum

GXT Vision

If the price of diamonds falls, they can be protected at a price of a nose.
If the price of the Coin drops, you can defend it with diamonds.

  • Mining Pool Using
    Master Node Concept

  • Transferable
    to real assets

  • List of
    international exchanges

  • Easier to Participate
    Global Platforms

  • Is it possible to mine every day?
  • Does continuous trading and burn coin?
  • Is global trading possible?
  • Is it a sustainable business model?

GXTT Coin Vision

Development and Support of Blockchain Ecosystem beyond SMARTCITY

Financial Platform

(Bank, Insurance, Pg, Exchange)
Building Blockchain Belt to Promote the Revitalization of 4th Industry and Smartcountry

” Blockchain Financial Hub
Cryptocurrency exchange construction ”






EUROEX is working closely with the aim to build a financial platform with global partners who have world-class blockchain technology to build a financial platform.