Road Map

GXT PLATFROM INC. is a logistics/distribution business and platform business based on
blockchain technology. And we are preparing to promote the financial business.

Step-by-step business promotion plan

Blockchain business

Logistics / distribution business

Financial business

Platform business

Blockchain business

Provide services of GXT token and wallet development, G-Pay system development, Dapp (online shopping mall, auction, options, etc.), and trading bot development etc.

Logistics / distribution business

Plan to conduct distribution business for diamond jewelry and fashion luxury brands through contracts with large overseas distributors.

Platform business

Develop platforms suitable for GXT business, targets and trends such as influencer relay platform and donation platforms etc.

Financial business

Plan to expand financial business and “real economy and cryptocurrency system” business through acquisition of asset investment operator.


Based on a powerful real economy, GXT creates a new system of cryptocurrency and creates true value in use

Road map

GXT Service Platform evolves into a global platform.

- Existing shopping mall platforms were limited to domestic.

- GXT Service Platform services are available to global customers.

Creating competitive services.

- Securing the competitiveness of logistics and securing product competitiveness by country through the use of crypto-currency It's going out.

- Quality of service is being enhanced through regular customer centers in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Grow with partners.

- Platform growth is the growth of all partners.

- Helps secure users and increase trust through various promotions.