GXT Business Introduction

GXT PLATFORM INC, based in Virgin Island, is a global company that operates diamond distribution business in countries, such as Singapore, Dubai, India, Cambodia and other countreies. The company is also operating a blockchain-based diamond and jewelry distribution platform currently.

Road Map

GXT Project Introduction

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GXT PLATFROM INC is creating a “Blockchain Ecosystem in the Diamond Distribution Field” to give value on GXT Token.
It means that GXT Token has created the platform that can be used as exchange value,
and users who already held GXT Token are using it.

Currently, customers can select and purchase more than 10,000 diamond gemstones and diamond jewelry products by grades and types on the platform operated by GXT PLATFROM INC. By applying NFT technology on diamond warranty, warranty and transaction details can be checked on the platform. Furthermore, by providing the consignment sales system and price-guarantee program, GXT is making efforts to create a marketplace for highly reliable transactions.

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Video of GXT Project Introduction

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Structure of GXT Platform & Token

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GXT platform consists of wallet, staking, GXT World, and diamond auction, and it is operated by dividing into GXT token and GXT NFT.


GXT token is the ERC20-based utility token, and GXT NFT is the ERC721-based token, developed and issued as the Non-fungible token (NFT).


GXT Token has been listed in the cryptocurrency exchange, and it can be traded as utility token.


GXT NFT records diamond information on the blockchain ledger, and it can be used as a warranty. GXT NFT will be sent to customer’s Ethereum wallets when customers purchase the product.

GXT Business Process

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When importing diamonds from the diamond supplying company, diamond information will be received.


Diamond information (country of origin, processing company, production information, unique number, etc.) will be recorded in GXT NFT registered on gxtworld.com.


When customers purchase diamond and jewelry, credit card, cash, easy payment, and Safe GXT will be available on payment.


GXT NFT will be provided to customers when they purchase diamonds through GXT World.

GXT Token Staking Rewards Policy

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To do the GXT Token Staking, the user have to visit the cryptocurrency exchange where the GXT token is listed, purchase the GXT token, sign up for the GXT Platform, and create a GXT wallet to apply for the staking. At this time, Available GXT and Safe GXT will be paid as compensation provided to User during GXT Staking, which can participate in Auction and can convert to GXT tokens to trade on the cryptocurrency exchange. Safe GXT is also allowed to participate in Auction and can be switched into GXT World Point to purchase products from the GXT World (Diamond & Jewelry Trading Platform).

The value of the GXT token lies in Available GXT and Safe GXT, which are rewarded through staking. Specially the Safe GXT used as a point allows to purchase diamond in very reasonable price at GXT world.

Token Economy

The ecosystem of GXT Token starts with purchasing GXT Token through the exchange. Through staking on the GXT Platform, customers can receive reward (Safe GXT + Available GXT) according to amount and period of GXT Token, or use services (purchasing diamond and participating in diamond auction). This structure is applied as an important element of token economy.
GXT is creating a new ecosystem of cryptocurrency through the circulation structure of token, and introducing new blockchain technology. GXT adds various new services and makes efforts to increase GXT Token’s value.

Competitiveness of GXT

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Legal Opinion of GXT Token Finished

Legal Opinion was finished by “Utility Token” through global law firms (UK and Singapore).

Code Audit Review of GXT Token Finished

Code Audit Review related to GXT Token (ERC 20) from specialized companies has been finished.

GXT Business Stability Review Finished

The review related to stability and continuity of business has been finished from the blockchain business review and valuation specialized company.

GXT Platform Security Enhancement

System security of the GXT Platform has been applied with the multiplexed security system. In particular, the abnormal symptom warning system is used for 24-hour monitoring. In addition, the personal OTP has been applied to protect the holder’s (member) wallet from hacking.

GXT Token Staking Operation

GXT Token can be only purchased through the exchanges where GXT Token has been listed after processing initial private sales of business. During the process of staking, GXT Token will be provided as rewards through the GXT Platform.
(* Rewards will be given according to the amount of staking period differentially)

Incineration Policy of GXT Token

GXT Token used and recovered in the GXT Platform are partially incinerated in consideration. The incineration amount, issued amount each year used, and holding amount will be analyzed and decided. It is for maintaining the value of GXT Token and stability of the service.

Detailed Information of GXT Token & GXT NFT


500,000,000 GXT
GXT World
Amount of Products
= Amount of Token
Digital Warranty Token
GXT World

Contact Us

For GXT and business related inquiries, please contact us via email


Business : support@gxt.center

CS : help@gxt.center

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